A plant from the agave yucca family looks very much like a palm tree. In the genus yucca, there are about 30 species of various plants. The habitats of these plants are the desert regions of Mexico and Central America.

All types of yucca are divided into two groups: stemless and tree-like. Tree-like yuccas have a well-defined tree-like thickened trunk, on which are bearing rosettes of leaves. Stemless species consist of only one crown.

In natural conditions, tree-shaped yuccas grow to 12m in height, and in an apartment, their growth does not exceed two meters. On the stems of the plant, there are small stripes that remind of fallen leaves from the plant. At the top of the trunk is the xiphoid rosette of leaves. Yucca leaves are hard, green, light green or bluish in color. You can even find variegated forms. In nature, the yucca blooms with amazing colors, but at home, the plant is able to bloom only in greenhouses. The inflorescence resembles a powerful panicle with large white bell flowers.

In indoor floriculture, the elephant yucca, which is common in the tropical forests of America, is most often used. Not so often, you can find aloe-elite yucca, different from ivory with sharp narrow leaves of the xiphoid shape.

Yucca is a very hardy plant. In summer, it is better to keep the plant at a temperature of 20 degrees, but even at a temperature of 30 degrees, the plant will not die and will not stop growing. In winter, the flower is best taken out in a cool room, in which the temperature will be within 15 degrees. A short-term decrease in temperature even to +5 degrees will not affect the growth of yucca in any way. The only thing that can negatively affect this plant is the stagnation of dry air, so in summer it is better to take the yucca outside or an open balcony. But it is worthwhile to ensure that the palm tree does not end up in a draft, otherwise it may die.

Yucca requires good diffused lighting, so it is best to put it on the south or southeast window. But even light partial shade will not become an obstacle to the development of yucca. For wintering palm trees, you need to choose a cool bright room.

Yucca is watered abundantly, but rarely enough. Between watering, the soil should dry completely so that the roots from excess moisture do not rot.

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