We Select Arbors for the Seasonal Dacha

Pergolas always hid in themselves a certain romantic charm. This compact structure can revive the simplest summer cottage and help create a kind of corner for complete relaxation in nature.

By fencing a small area, you can get a small house that will make life in nature more vibrant and colorful. Therefore, gazebos and won popular love. Their design can be the most diverse. The materials for their construction are also used the most diverse: from wood and metal to stone.

What Gazebo to Choose for Your Own Summer Cottage or Country House?

It all depends on the purpose of its use and on the financial resources that you are ready to invest in the construction of the gazebo. Of course, when choosing a material and style, you need to focus on other buildings standing on the site. A colorful style can become a highlight only if it does not stand out from the general architectural concept of the entire complex.

Do not forget about the functional purpose of your small architectural structure. Will it be a picnic place or a corner of peaceful outdoor recreation with a book and a mug of tea? Will this be an option for a small summer house? Or can we limit ourselves to the usual open construction?

Having defined your goals, you will be much easier to choose both materials and style. Today, gazebos in which you can cook on an open fire are especially popular. Actively uses such arbors Lipetsk and Tver, Kaluga and Ryazan, and any other cities of the country. This is a good example of how, due to the expanded functionality, the same structure can be used for different purposes. If you do not want to have a picnic and cook barbecue, you can use the gazebo for the usual peaceful relaxation. And having a stove will only create a more romantic mood. If you want to gather a big company for a picnic, this will also be a feasible task. And here you can comfortably prepare a lot of delicious picnic dishes: from vegetables to barbecue.

Having decided on the functionality, you can think about the style. There are many different options here. Moreover, functionality and style organically complement each other. If you want to build a closed gazebo, the picnic area can be moved outside. However, the stove can also be inside, so that you can heat your small cottage in the cold. But the effect of outdoor recreation, of course, will disappear.

Therefore, closed buildings are chosen only if they intend to use them as a greenhouse or an additional house.

On the contrary, you can make the gazebo as open as possible and choose the style of the hedge. In this case, walls of climbing plants are created on the metal frame. Sometimes you can do without even a frame by planting shrubs and trees around the perimeter. In the summer it will be a very comfortable place to relax. But such a structure will have a great connection to the summer season. In winter, such a hedge may not look quite picturesque. And this must be taken into account.

In any case, there are a lot of options for building a romantic corner of outdoor recreation. And to choose a suitable option for yourself is quite real.

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