Types of Wooden Arbors

All have their favorite vacation spots. For many, this is a summer house or a country house. Especially if there is a beautiful green area with flower beds and a garden near the living room. Summer evenings with jasmine flavors and nightingale singing are extremely attractive. They cause a desire to stay on the street longer and not enter the house. In order to sit comfortably outside in the warm season, wooden arbors are ideal.

The owner of the estate, who decided to build a gazebo on his site, should carefully consider the choice of place for its installation. The most important thing is that from the gazebo a picturesque view of the surroundings opens, there were no annoying details. Near the gazebo, you can break a flower bed or equip a small pond. That is, you need to take maximum care of things that can please the eye and, if necessary, relieve nervous tension.

Of course, the important points are the choice of the shape, size, and style of the wooden gazebo. You should immediately determine for what purpose the gazebo is being built: for family tea parties, reception of guests, frequent barbecue, relaxing with children or just a cozy pastime behind a book.

Now when choosing or designing a gazebo you can not limit your imagination. The only thing the original design should not impede is comfort and functionality.

Very harmoniously in a small kindergarten look arbors in oriental style. For example, you can build a gazebo, reminiscent of a Japanese tea house. Traditionally pleasing with their reliability and thoroughness are the gazebo-log houses, similar to miniature Russian towers. In a cool climate, a gazebo in the form of a closed house, which, incidentally, can be used all year round, can be a pretty practical option.

When constructing the gazebo, it is important to focus not only on its beautiful appearance but also on the quality of materials, as well as the technical details of its installation.

Wooden arbors made of low-quality, improperly processed materials very quickly lose their appearance. Wood may crack, suffer from moisture and insects. An improperly installed arbor can settle and lose shape.

Do not forget about choosing a roof for a wooden gazebo. Lovers of natural materials are obviously attracted to reeds, straw, wood chips. They really look very harmonious with wooden walls. But, one should not forget that these are flammable materials, even if they are impregnated with special means.

The option of roofing from natural tiles is also not always advisable. Ceramic tiles are very heavy material and wooden structures may simply not withstand its mass. Therefore, the most common and popular roofing material for a gazebo is a soft bituminous tile. It is quite light and in harmony with the appearance of wood.

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