Terraced Polymer Board

Demand for durable and low-cost building materials is constantly growing. It is not surprising that architects, developers, corporations, partnerships of property owners and home builders are constantly looking for new, environmentally friendly products that will not only meet their environmental requirements but also serve as good or even better than traditional materials.

WOODEN decking board made by LG Hausys is exclusively distributed by the HARDEC company, which guarantees the aesthetic qualities of wood combined with high performance. The terrace board is extremely durable, it does not rot, has high resistance to weather conditions and insects, does not require painting, varnishing, cleaning and is very easy and quick to install.

WOODEN polymer decking board is a unique cladding and finishing system made of wood-polymer composite and environmentally friendly olefins, which ensure maximum stability of products. The board practically does not require maintenance and provides minimal maintenance costs during the whole service, in comparison with natural wood. A zero carbon footprint, unlike wood flooring, ensures that the polymer board will benefit in both quality and stability.

It is available in various sizes, the board is easy to assemble on-site, and its attractive appearance is suitable for cladding a wide range of commercial, industrial, commercial and consumer facilities.

After long-term use, the product can be completely recycled.

Basically, professionals agree that such a polymer board, today, is the most optimal material for use in modern construction. It is suitable for people who require a high level of strength and quality, and those who appreciate the aesthetic appearance of the material.

This is due to a number of advantages and positive qualities that are offered by the manufacturer:

  • does not swell from contact with water;
  • with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation does not lose color saturation;
  • for a long time does not rot and is resistant to various fungal infections;
  • made from natural raw materials and is an environmentally friendly material;
  • the multifunctionality of the board does not require the hassle of caring for it;
  • possesses high durability and wear resistance.

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