Small Architectural Forms

The concept of small architectural forms is so broad that on the basis of its whole directions have arisen. The main task of their location on the elevation of the territory is to create the completeness of the main idea of ​​the project, comfortable pastime, focusing attention on specific points. Fountains, gazebos, statues, paths, garden furniture, lighting, steps, bridges, benches – all these are MAFs (small architectural forms).

A peculiar landscape eclecticism: aesthetics (comfort) and functionality – this is the main task of the designer. Today, world-famous designers and design studios are paying more and more attention to the “streets”, taking a step into the future and bringing their experience in interior design to a more spacious field for activity and creativity. For example, the September exhibition Maison & Objet 2008 showed that today “star” designers (Jean – Marie Masso, Rodolfo Dordoni, Ora – Ito, Paola Navona, Patricia Urquiola, Thomas Savage, the Burullek brothers, and many others) blur the line between indoor and outdoor ideas. A lantern for street lighting is possible to use as a sconce or floor lamp, a sofa for the living room is quite suitable for a terrace or snugly in a gazebo, a fountain is now also familiar to perceive as outside, so indoors, etc. What makes the world’s leading factories change the range and lineup in accordance with the requirements of the present.

The traditional form of the landscape: lawn, flowerbed, trees, shrubs. All this can be individualized using architectural accents, thereby creating the character of the house and garden of your dreams.

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