How to Equip a Place to Relax in the Country?

If for our parents a trip to the country house was synonymous with working in the garden, then our generation has different views on this process. We are going there rather for a change of impressions, communication with friends and family, and, of course, relaxation. Although a small garden with strawberries and herbs has not […]

Japanese Garden: Main Trends

The Japanese garden is currently a fairly popular trend in the design of landscape designs. We suggest this material to learn about the main trends in the development of projects of Japanese gardens in household plots. Below you can see photos of Japanese gardens sold in Central Russia. Japanese-Style Garden Design It is believed that […]

Types of Loosestrife (Lysimachia)

There are types of loosestrife that can be used for various landscape gardening purposes. The material presents species of loosestrife with photos and brief botanical characteristics. You can see the types of loosestrife in the photo and choose plants that are suitable in appearance and characteristics for landscaping the garden or homestead. Loosestrife Monetized Loosestrife […]

Small Architectural Forms

The concept of small architectural forms is so broad that on the basis of its whole directions have arisen. The main task of their location on the elevation of the territory is to create the completeness of the main idea of ​​the project, comfortable pastime, focusing attention on specific points. Fountains, gazebos, statues, paths, garden […]

Roses: Types and Varieties, Growing Bushes

When describing any kind of roses, the epithet “beautiful” is almost always used and they necessarily call this plant the “queen of flowers.” There is not a drop of exaggeration in this. All types and varieties of roses are truly beautiful, and the species bushes, which are often called rose hips, are easy to care […]

Arches in the Landscaping of the Garden in the Country

The arch in the country is a special design that is used to separate the zones of the site. An arch in landscape design can play the role of a retaining structure for plants. Options for using the arch in the garden design are discussed in this material. A large number of photographs and descriptions […]

How to Equip a Winter Garden in a Country House

The winter garden is not only a wonderful place to relax but also an ideal corner of wildlife that can create a unique atmosphere of living space. That is why the owners of suburban real estate, very often wonder how to equip a winter garden in the house to make it more comfortable. Usually, the […]

Japanese Style Stone Garden

The wonderful Japanese-style garden can be arranged in various landscaped areas. For development, ancient design techniques are used that take into account the basic subtleties of the construction of such elements. This article tells about the main distinguishing features of the Japanese stone garden, what should be and how the basic elements of structures and […]


A plant from the agave yucca family looks very much like a palm tree. In the genus yucca, there are about 30 species of various plants. The habitats of these plants are the desert regions of Mexico and Central America. All types of yucca are divided into two groups: stemless and tree-like. Tree-like yuccas have […]

Terraced Polymer Board

Demand for durable and low-cost building materials is constantly growing. It is not surprising that architects, developers, corporations, partnerships of property owners and home builders are constantly looking for new, environmentally friendly products that will not only meet their environmental requirements but also serve as good or even better than traditional materials. WOODEN decking board […]