Boxing equipment

First, you need to take care of the reflective surface. You need to completely cover (or make sure that the purchased box has a completely reflective surface inside) the walls of the box with reflective material. Foil or penafol is perfect for such a case. In some cases, acrylic, matte paint helps. Try best 100w led grow light.

Next, let’s move on to equipping the box with lamps. Not every lamp is suitable for a grow box, as certain climatic conditions must be created. Even if you hang a hundred bulbs, you won’t get the desired result. That’s why you need to purchase special types of lamps:

  • HPS – sodium lamps, the most common in the creation of grow boxes.

  • DRI – Metal halide lamps, with the use of special emitting additives. 

  • CFL – compact, fluorescent lamps.

  • ESL – energy saving lamps.

  • Led – special LED bulbs designed for growing.

Ventilation is the last but not least on the list. It can be made of any materials, as long as it fulfills its main function – it renews the air inside the box, removing the high temperature created by the heating lamp. When choosing a fan, rely on the fact that the temperature in the box must be maintained between 22 and 27 degrees.

Also, one of the most important additions to the growbox is the timer. It will greatly simplify the life of the grower by automating some of the processes. The time relay will be responsible for creating the “day-night” mode, as well as with the lamps will turn on the ventilation. Many plants have enough lighting for 18 hours a day, while the remaining 6 hours must be turned off. This regime must be observed at the growth stage, then replacing it with the 12-12 regime. Since without a timer, such an action must be done manually by the grower, it is recommended to install the time relay itself in order to fully automate this process and not worry about the crop.  

If your grow box  contains these components, then growing plants  will become a simple matter.