Interesting Ideas How to Make Garden Decorations with Your Own Hands

DIY garden decoration can be made using many old things and unnecessary, at first glance, plastic bottles. We offer you some ideas on how to make garden decorations from a wide variety of materials. For clarity, numerous photos, descriptions of the stages of work are offered.

Diy Garden Decoration from Improvised Materials

Today we will make a decoration for the garden with our own hands from improvised materials: the photo shows the finished product “Pyramid”, which can be used as a decorative element. It will help to make this decoration for the garden photo and a detailed description of the work. Even a beginner gardener can make jewelry for the garden with his own hands from the photo.

This simple and bright decoration will look especially good in the garden in early spring, while there are so few bright colors.

You will need:

  • folding garden trellis-pyramid;
  • a set of multi-colored plastic pots for seedlings;
  • garter for plants “Frog”;
  • color cord.

Manufacturing Procedure

  1. Take the length of cord you want. Then take one of the pots and thread a colored cord into its drainage hole. Fasten the pot close to the intended upper end of the cord by tying a knot.
  2. Consistently string all the pots on the cord at a certain distance from each other, while each pot is fixed in a bundle.
  3. In the chosen place of the garden, install the prefabricated trellis-pyramid.
  1. In the center of the pyramid, hang a garland of pots. Additionally, fix and at the same time hide the place of garland attachment at the top of the pyramid with a flexible frog garter.

Do-It-Yourself Garden Ideas: Photos and Descriptions

A variety of garden ideas with their own hands include a variety of crafts that can carry not only a decorative but also a useful function. Look at the proposed ideas for the garden in the photo and choose the right option for yourself to spend your free time. You can use the ideas of garden design with slight changes in the shape and size of finished products.

Today we will make a garden fountain.

Despite their small size, the fountains are immediately noticeable, they can decorate any corner of the garden, a recreation area, a Japanese corner, a garden of mosses and even a rose garden. You can make such a fountain in a maximum of 20 minutes. At the same time, you can decorate it in exact accordance with the style of your garden.

You will need:

  • medium-sized ceramic flower pots in the shape of a bowl;
  • white front paint;
  • thin brush;
  • small pump for an indoor fountain;
  • vinyl tube;
  • plastic braid from a moisture-proof lamp;
  • a plastic disc with a hole (any rigid plastic circle is suitable if only a hole could be made in it);
  • pieces of sandstone or pebbles;
  • decorative pebbles or gravel;
  • seashells;
  • sponge.

Manufacturing Procedure

  1. “Agitate” the flower-pot by wiping it with a sponge moistened with white facade paint that is very diluted in water. Then with a thin brush, draw a simple ornament around the edge of the flowerpot.
  2. Put the inverted braid from the lamp at the bottom of the pot.
  3. Insert a plastic disc insert with a hole in the cache-pot to isolate the mechanical part of the fountain from the decorative one, and insert a vinyl tube through the hole.
  1. To fix the structure and mask the plastic, put pieces of sandstone or the largest pebbles on the disk.
  2. Pour the pots to the top with pebbles or gravel, while masking the entire tube so that there remains a free tip of no more than 1 cm. Put a few seashells on top.
  3. Carefully pour at least three-quarters of its volume of water in the pot so that the pump is completely closed. Turn on the pump. Water will flow through the tube onto the stones and flow beautifully on them.

Diy Crafts for Decorating the Garden with Their Own Hands from Plastic Bottles

DIY handicrafts for decorating the garden can include quite functional things that will help rationally conduct suburban farming. You can easily and easily make decorations for the garden from bottles, transforming them at least into convenient buckets.

As you may have guessed, today we will make a garden bucket with a bright application. For these purposes, you can use a ready-made bucket. But we agreed to make decorations for the garden with our own hands from plastic bottles, so we will take a suitable container as a basis and attach a handle to it.

How beautiful, there are bags with seeds! If you are a keen gardener, why not decorate garden tools with a hobby element, for example, a simple bucket?

You will need:

  • light plastic garden bucket;
  • seed bags;
  • matt spray varnish;
  • sandpaper;
  • green acrylic paint;
  • PVA glue;
  • boat varnish;
  • brushes;
  • scissors.

Manufacturing Procedure

  1. Since paints and adhesives do not adhere well to plastic, prepare the bucket for work: first, spray it with an aerosol varnish and then sand it lightly with sandpaper.
  2. Carefully cut the image of vegetables and flowers from sachets.
  3. Soak the pictures for 2 minutes in water.
  4. Stick the pictures onto the bucket using PVA glue, while arranging them like a mosaic, with minimal gaps.
  5. When the glue dries, paint the gaps between the pictures, as well as the rim of the bucket, with green paint.
  6. Let the paint dry, then coat the entire bucket with boat varnish. To make the coating even more “resistant”, you can apply varnish in three layers.

Interesting Ideas for a Summer House and a Garden from Bottles with Photo Products

For the convenience of perceiving information, we accompany all interesting ideas for the garden and giving photos of finished products, they help to better understand the design concept. The suggested ideas for a bottle garden include the formation of various decorative containers for flowering plants. These will be hanging pod containers.

Containers for flowers in the garden are always welcome. Try making hanging pod containers and you will see how your garden is transformed!

You will need:

  • the remains of light leatherette;
  • white front paint;
  • stencil with classic ornament;
  • stationery stapler;
  • shoe glue;
  • large front nail;
  • breadboard knife;
  • white cord.

Manufacturing Procedure

  1. Cut out some rectangles from leatherette about 40 X 60 cm in size. Use a stencil to apply a pattern of white paint on them.
  2. Roll up the blanks in lumps (as they used to wrap the flowers in the newspaper) and glue them with shoe glue.
  3. Trim the top edges of the pounds.
  4. Wrap the upper edges inward and secure the gate with a stapler.
  5. Using a large nail, make two holes in the upper edge of the workpiece, placing them opposite each other. Pass the cord through the holes, forming a handle, tie the ends in knots. Drainage holes for these containers do not need to be done, as they automatically form at the bottom when folding each pound. We suggest using a plastic bottle as the basis of the container.

Diy DIY Bottle Plastic Ideas

The collection, which contains ideas for DIY from plastic bottles, includes purely decorative items. For example, you take in the idea of ​​bottles for a summer house to make a magnificent bouquet of exotic flowers.

A flower from Winter bottles is not all ideas from bottles for a summer residence, but you can create various design options yourself on the basis of this guide.

When the winter dragged on, when the snow still lay, how pleasant it is to dream about spring and summer, about the first flowers. Well, until they bloomed, you can dream up a bit and make a garden decoration in the form of a snowdrop.

You will need:

  • empty plastic drinking water bottles;
  • blue and green acrylic paints;
  • a connecting element from a green garden plastic greenhouse;
  • scissors and knife;
  • glue gun.

Manufacturing Procedure

  1. Cut half-necked bottles.
  2. Scissors cut the cloves on the wide parts of the halves of the bottles. These will be the “flowers.”
  3. From the other halves of the bottles with scissors cut the silhouettes of the leaves.
  4. Color the flowers blue (the threaded neck colors are green), and the leaves are green.
  5. Take the connecting element from the greenhouse and bend it slightly. Remove one of the tips for mounting in the ground, and leave the second.
  6. Stick flowers and leaves on this element, like a stalk, from the end where the tip is removed.

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