Hydroponic Growth Myths

As long as there has been hydroponic cultivation, there are as many myths associated with the functioning of this system. Choose electric grinder weed. Some argue that this is an unnatural way of growing, giving rise to huge mutant monsters. Others say it is too complicated and expensive. Let’s take a look at the most popular myths and check which ones are true and which are just rich fantasy.

Myth # 1 Hydroponics is not natural!

If we proceed from the logic that water is (suddenly!) Something unnatural, then indeed hydroponics is evil. Well, now seriously. There is nothing more natural than water with nutrients dissolved in it. All fertilizers used in hydroponic systems are organic or mineral. There are no “mythical harmful” steroids or “sinister” chemicals in them. Nutrition takes place in a timely manner and in the amount necessary for the plant. This rational approach is exactly what gives excellent results in cultivation.

Myth # 2 Hydroponics is bad for the environment!

What exactly is harmful, ardent opponents of hydroponics, usually cannot explain. In fact, the hydroponic growing method saves up to 80% of the water used, since in many systems it is used cyclically. Saving water resources is one of the significant advantages of hydroponics. Hydroponic cultivation is guaranteed to protect natural waters from fertilizer and pesticide pollution than traditional outdoor cultivation does.

Myth # 3 Hydroponics is difficult and expensive!

A myth based on a banal ignorance of the functioning of hydroponic systems.

Many systems can be assembled with your own hands after visiting a local store for everything for the Garden and Vegetable Garden. Any person is capable of assembling a drip irrigation system and the cost of such a system will not hit your pocket.  Undoubtedly, there are also expensive specimens, but they are used by professionals on special farms. For home growing, such hydroponic systems are not used.

Myth # 4 Hydroponics is not popular!

Another delusion. In countries with poor toxic soils or unfavorable weather conditions, hydroponic cultivation reaches up to 90% of the total yield. In Russia, this percentage is also growing steadily. Don’t believe me? Stop by a supermarket in winter and find a fresh salad. The presence of a pot with roots indicates that this salad was grown precisely using the technique of periodic flooding or a nutrient layer.

Myth # 5 Giant monster plants are grown hydroponically!

Each plant is genetically based on what size it will be, how much it will yield, and what, for example, taste it will have. The hydroponic growing method cannot influence these factors in any way. So why is soulless growing better and why do plants grow so well on it? The fact is that the plant does not need to spend energy looking for nutrients, they regularly come in without it. This allows the plant to devote all its strength to growth, flowering and fruit formation.

In custody

There are many myths about hydroponic growth. Most of them are based on basic ignorance and stereotypes. Think wider, study the issue from different angles and you will surely find the truth!

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