How to Equip a Winter Garden in a Country House

The winter garden is not only a wonderful place to relax but also an ideal corner of wildlife that can create a unique atmosphere of living space. That is why the owners of suburban real estate, very often wonder how to equip a winter garden in the house to make it more comfortable. Usually, the design of the winter garden is included in the overall project, so it will not be difficult to equip it even with your own hands.

The Right Place

First of all, you should make the right choice of place for the winter garden. It can be either a stand-alone structure or attached to the house. Since the room should be covered, it is best to use plastic windows on lightweight aluminum profiles. Glass should be light but strong to transmit light well. If the garden will be built separately, then a well-lit place should be selected for it.

The roof is best made of tempered glass so that it can withstand the load in the form of snow in the cold season. A good option for glazing the roof are double-glazed windows with electric heating.

Flower Design

Flower design can be of several types: tropical, subtropical and ordinary. In a tropical garden, plants should be provided with a temperature of at least + 18-26 degrees. As additional lighting, it will be necessary to put lamps for plants.

For the tropical type, both ordinary plants and exotic ones are suitable. It can be tropical creepers and gloriosa, pre-wounded and alocasia, ficus and begonia. For each of the plants should provide the most comfortable conditions.

For a subtropical garden, it will be necessary to provide a constant temperature of +5 – +12 degrees. In such a winter garden, citrus fruits, ivy, creepers, passionflower, and others coexist perfectly. For a typical winter garden, you can choose the usual plants, such as tulips and daffodils, crocuses and violets. Depending on the type of winter garden, it will be necessary to choose the right temperature regime and degree of humidity.

Winter Garden Lighting

Not all plants love light, so you should divide the garden into zones. The lighting of the winter garden can be provided with special lamps that are easy to install, and they can be moved if necessary. Additional lighting will help to evenly distribute light throughout the garden.

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