How to Equip a Place to Relax in the Country?

If for our parents a trip to the country house was synonymous with working in the garden, then our generation has different views on this process. We are going there rather for a change of impressions, communication with friends and family, and, of course, relaxation. Although a small garden with strawberries and herbs has not been canceled. You just need to competently find a place for all these ways of spending time in your even a small summer cottage.

The easiest way is to break it into zones depending on the type of soil and light exposure. If a piece is in the shade most of the day, then do not plant something there. It’s better to place a deck chair there and enjoy this cool corner with a book in your hands. For the same reason, do not sow something in the garden – in the shade of the trees, it is better to put a gazebo, a table with benches or hang a hammock. And to arrange a garden in another part of the site so that it is convenient to water and take care of the vegetables growing there.

Of course, it’s best to plan the zones before building the house. Then it will turn out to include in the plan a veranda or a terrace, a patio or a large arbor in the garden.

Or maybe even set up a small pool or dig a pond with alpine slides and waterfalls. Tourist furniture will help to make the courtyard even more comfortable – here you can choose the option that suits you, a canopy or an awning so that you can dine in the fresh air or fry the barbecue in rainy weather.

If you inherited the house already with a garden and an orchard, then you have to adapt to what is.

After all, if moving the beds is not difficult, then you can’t move the trees so easily, and cutting them and planting new ones should only be done if they are sick or do not already bear fruit. Of course, the designer will help you best in this situation, by correctly planning the existing territory, but you can cope on your own.

Well, if there is a place for the construction of a gazebo between the trees. And if not – you can install the belvedere – the roof on the support posts.

Such designs are sold ready-made, they only need to be assembled. Inside, tables and chairs for a picnic and barbecue grill will look good. However, in windy and rainy weather without walls, it will not be so comfortable.

The ground in the garden between the trees, paths and other free spaces on the site can be sown with lawn grass – then it will be nice to run barefoot there and lie softly on the bedspread. There, in the garden, it’s good to arrange a secluded area – hang a hammock, for example, and install a sofa swing for a romantic vacation for two.

You can create a small sports ground with a horizontal bar and rings or a corner for children with a sandbox and a swing. And for grandparents to put a comfortable bench with a back and pillows so that they can comfortably observe what is happening.

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