How to Care for Your Lawn with a Lawn Mower

Proper lawn care is carried out using a lawnmower. It should be light and have a long knife (at least 33 cm). The wheels of the lawnmower should be large (with such it is more mobile).

On this page, you can familiarize yourself with the rules for the care of the lawn in your garden. You will also learn how to care for the lawn in spring and other times of the year.

Proper Lawn Grass Care

The lawn needs to be planned so that it is convenient to mow: the grass paths between the flower beds should be equal to the width of the mower plus 30 – 35 cm, otherwise it will be inconvenient and difficult to move along with it.

Before caring for the lawn, remember the main rule – the height of the grass after mowing should not exceed 5 cm. You cannot cut below since the surface of the ground of the wild lawn is not completely smooth and a tubercle can cut under the knife, which will cut together with the roots of the grass. As soon as the grass grows to 8-10 cm – shear again. This is ideal: all cut grass remains on the lawn, and the garden feeds itself.

Often long rains do not allow you to work as an electric lawnmower, and the grass grows. In this case, after mowing, you need to let it dry slightly, and then remove it with a fan rake, at the same time slightly invigorating the fibrous layer (felt) from the remnants of dry grass that has accumulated over many years on the surface of the lawn.

Lawn grass care near the house and in those places where people often go is carried out by putting on a bunker on the lawnmower, otherwise, the mowed juicy grass sticks to the soles and is brought into the house, leaving green cakes on the floor.

If you are worried about how to properly care for the lawn near the flower beds, there are two rules: elevation and “alienation.”

Flower beds should rise slightly above the ground where the plants are planted, and then it will be convenient to cut grass near them. In addition, between the lawn and landings, it is necessary to have an “exclusion zone”. It is necessary to approach the mower to the edge of the lawn at a right angle, slightly raising the front wheels, and then, having reached the edge, lower the wheels and return the mower to itself.

How to Care for the Lawn in Spring

In early spring, it is necessary to cut off all the hillocks from the surface of the earth, fill up the holes, remove stones, sticks, droppings, bones. Only in this case, the lawnmower gently cuts the grass along the edge of the lawn and does not need it, then manually trim it with special scissors, and, in addition, if you mow without a hopper, the small cut grass does not fly off to the flower garden.

After mowing, the edges of the lawn must be cut with a sharp shovel with a square base and sharpened side edges. The edge of the lawn becomes neat, and all the bends of the flower beds are clearly visible against its green background.

Sometimes you have to repair the lawn. You can buy meadow bluegrass seeds, which form sod, resistant to trampling, drought, and frost.

The last time we mow the lawn in late autumn and after leaf fall we remove the leaves with a fan rake, at the same time “invigorating” the felt layer of the lawn.

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