Arches in the Landscaping of the Garden in the Country

The arch in the country is a special design that is used to separate the zones of the site. An arch in landscape design can play the role of a retaining structure for plants. Options for using the arch in the garden design are discussed in this material. A large number of photographs and descriptions of a particular design are presented.

An arch is a vaulted or direct overlap located between two supports. This support is most often used in gardens, it is made of wood or metal (sometimes made of brick or stone) and is wrapped in lianas. The arch should be located correctly in the garden – it is ridiculous to place it in the middle of the lawn or on the side of the path, it should lead somewhere, pass through it, something very attractive should be visible through the arch of the arch, for example, a beautiful bush, tree, statue.

The height and width of the arch should allow it to pass comfortably and stand under it, climbing plants growing on it should not block the road and cling to clothes and hair. Based on these considerations, the minimum width of the arch should be 1.2-1.5 m and a height of at least 2.1-2.2 m. Of course, the arch should have a “thickness”, a side wall, near which, in fact, creepers will grow. Its minimum size is 50 cm. The shape of the arch can be very diverse: round, rectangular, triangular, elongated Gothic. The famous blue arches of Claude Monet in his own garden in Giverny are very wide, they seem to fill the space under them with air. It is very interesting when not vines, but shrubs or even trees adjoin the arch, for example, mock muffins, junipers, the oak species ‘Fastigiata’. Of course, those branches that go inside the arch are cut.

Description of the Arch in Landscape Design in the Garden at the Cottage

The description and photo of the arch in landscape design allow you to form a general idea of ​​the purpose of such a design. If the arch is of sufficient thickness, it is very nice to close it with a thin metal grill, it will be so convenient for plants to climb up it. Above the path going from the gate, several arches can be located at once, set at a certain distance.

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