Raise Ph in Soil With Baking Soda and Water

It is possible to raise pH in soil with baking soda and water. Here are three steps you can use to create a safe, healthy environment for your plants.

Frame Pools – All the Joys of Swimming Without Leaving Your Home

Warm days invariably delight us with a trip to the cottage and the opening of the swimming season. Bright bathing suits are purchased in stores, children are equipped with rubber rings and balls. The anticipation of bathing in itself becomes a holiday. But, alas, ecology in our world more and more often does not please, […]

Types of Wooden Arbors

All have their favorite vacation spots. For many, this is a summer house or a country house. Especially if there is a beautiful green area with flower beds and a garden near the living room. Summer evenings with jasmine flavors and nightingale singing are extremely attractive. They cause a desire to stay on the street […]

We Select Arbors for the Seasonal Dacha

Pergolas always hid in themselves a certain romantic charm. This compact structure can revive the simplest summer cottage and help create a kind of corner for complete relaxation in nature. By fencing a small area, you can get a small house that will make life in nature more vibrant and colorful. Therefore, gazebos and won […]

Interesting Ideas How to Make Garden Decorations with Your Own Hands

DIY garden decoration can be made using many old things and unnecessary, at first glance, plastic bottles. We offer you some ideas on how to make garden decorations from a wide variety of materials. For clarity, numerous photos, descriptions of the stages of work are offered. Diy Garden Decoration from Improvised Materials Today we will […]

Diy Garden Pond Care

It is not enough to populate an artificial pond with plants, snails, frogs, and fish. It is important to know how to care for the pond in the country, so that he, as in a song from a famous film, does not “drag on brown mud.” Caring for a decorative pond, of course, is different […]

How to Care for Your Lawn with a Lawn Mower

Proper lawn care is carried out using a lawnmower. It should be light and have a long knife (at least 33 cm). The wheels of the lawnmower should be large (with such it is more mobile). On this page, you can familiarize yourself with the rules for the care of the lawn in your garden. […]

We Make the Cottage Cozy – Use Cultivators, Build a Barbecue!

Has your summer residence changed a lot? Tallgrass grew on it, and the design is outdated? It’s time to do the transformation of a summer vacation destination. Become a builder, decorator and gardener all rolled into one. Let the countryside prettier before our eyes! Loose, Cultivate, Plant Surely you know that the main decoration of […]

How to Equip a Place to Relax in the Country?

If for our parents a trip to the country house was synonymous with working in the garden, then our generation has different views on this process. We are going there rather for a change of impressions, communication with friends and family, and, of course, relaxation. Although a small garden with strawberries and herbs has not […]

Japanese Garden: Main Trends

The Japanese garden is currently a fairly popular trend in the design of landscape designs. We suggest this material to learn about the main trends in the development of projects of Japanese gardens in household plots. Below you can see photos of Japanese gardens sold in Central Russia. Japanese-Style Garden Design It is believed that […]