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February 2016




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I love the feeling of hanging a new piece of art. The thought and time that goes into choosing a the perfect spot and the way it can transform a room. It’s a personal experience.

But I recently had a friend, who happens to be an art buyer,  tell me my art was all wrong. Not the actual pieces, but the positioning.

“57” on centre”  he told me. “It’s the magic formula for all art”.

As it turns out, it really is the most pleasing height for the human eye.

When I changed all the art in my home to this height, despite the eclectic-ness of it all, there was finally a sense of balance. It was like a magic trick. So, now I feel that I have to share this new found knowledge with you.

Here’s how to hang art like a pro:
  1. Mark your wall at 57″
  2. Measure your painting and divide it by two
  3. Then pull your tight wire as if it were hanging and measure the distance the wire and the top of the painting.
  4. Then make this simple calculation:  (painting divided by two) – (tight rope distance)= X
  5. Then simply add X to your 57″ mark and that is where you should put the nail.

Here’s an example video from Apartment Therapy:

The same rule applies to a group of pieces. Simply make the middle of the collection the 57″ mark (think of the whole thing as 1 piece).

*Tip: Put two wall art hooks instead of just one. This will help keep your art piece straight and balanced while giving it less chances of ending up crooked over time.

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