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Winter, it’s not all fur and après-skiing. It’s face numbing mornings on your way to work and post holiday indulgences on your lunch break. Fight this cold war head on with this 5 step skin regiment. Find your inner snow queen!

1. Drink up

We’ve all been told to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Do it! Drinking water is crucial to hydrated skin. Make it less boring by adding fruits or buying a trendy water bottle.

2. Scrub, scrub, scrub

As the temperature drops, dry and dead skin becomes more noticeable. removing that layer with exfoliators or peels is a great way to help the appearance of your skin and allow your moisturizer to sink in. But let’s talk about that later!

3. Raise your tone

Toners might be the most underrated products for moisturized skin. Why you’ll love them? They remove any excess dirt, balance the oils on your face and prepare the skin to absorb all the moisture. How can you resist?

 4. Make the switch

Just like your winter wardrobe, your moisturizer of choice should change too. A richer formula to match the harsher weather. Opt for the hydration boosting products & watch your skin do the rest.

 5. A little something extra…

My favourite skincare extra: a good mask to top off your new skincare routine. A great source of intensive care with a range of needs to fulfill, I’m highlighting the hydrating kind.

Winter skin essentials

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