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August 2014



DIY: A Simple Centrepiece

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While doing some research for an upcoming beach wedding, I was at a loss trying to find a simple, understated and affordable solution for the centrepieces. I needed something that wouldn’t take away from the beautiful natural surroundings. Being a destination wedding, I  also wanted it to be something that would be easy for the florist to achieve, as I have never worked with them. I found just the ticket when I fell on this this: ‘Pionies on A Candlestick’. Beautifully simple.

I simply had to share this as it would also make the perfect centrepiece for a last minute dinner party. It’s just SO EASY! To add some ‘omff’, simply alternate candle holder heights, and throw some candles into the mix.

Here is the tutorial from Hostess With The Mostess :

You’ll need:

  • 6 Candle Sticks (the kind that holds tapers)
  • Floral Foam Soaked in Water
  • Vase of Water
  • Floral Knife
  • Floral Clippers
  • 6 Stems of peonies (or any flower with a big blossom and thin stem)

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1. As soon as you get your peonies home  from the market or from your neighbor’s garden;) give them a quick cut with either your floral knife or clippers at a 45 degree angle and then place them directly into your vase filled with room temperature water.

2. Once your floral foam is completely soaked with water, cut pieces to fit the candlestick holes using your floral knife and place one piece of foam inside of each candle stick.

3. Now cut each peony stem to the height of the candle stick hole and insert it right into the foam. Again, make sure your stem is cut at a 45 degree angle.

4.  Arrange  your candle sticks in a line down your table alternating the various heights, cluster them in the center if you have a round table, and through some candles into the mix for a more romantic setting. How easy was that?!


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For a different look we also like succulents on a candlestick….

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